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For those who have to cope with a lot of stress, and have to make constant decisions, sometimes taking a break in the middle of the day is just what you need to relax, clear your thoughts, you will be amazed at how light your body will feel to enable you to clear your thoughts and see challenges and situations in a different light. Tantric energy gives us a natural high to make us feel alive as if we are floating on air.

Ultimate Pamper

To discuss booking information and appointments, a minimum of 30 mins booking notice is required. Please see the contact page for more details.

At Ultimate Pamper you can relax in private, luxury, comfortable surroundings, where it's cool on hot days, and warm and inviting on cool days, Your comfort is my priority.

I am also available for Reiki healing including crystal healing, and qualified to work on animals including equines with Reiki. I am also a fully qualified Hypnotherapist and a Life Coach, please contact me to see how I can help you.

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We all find it hard to find time for ourselves, but you deserve a special treat and time for you to relax and unwind.  After treatments and in the long-term, your mind and body will be able to cope better with the day to day challenges.

The tantra is sent round the body using soft gentle touch as soft as silk for the ultimate pleasure.  Ideal for discerning gentlemen to unwind and relax inbetween busy schedules, call me now for your appointment. I am a mature lady and happy to help with any enquiries, easy to talk to, call me !

I am a professional, friendly lady to make you feel at ease, I await your call  

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For enquiries about the services I offer, please call me today on 01942 836400 / 07917 103540 or complete the contact form and I'll get back to you as soon as I can